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Apr 6th

I Can Either Make You Up or Mess You Up With These Hands

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I can either make you up or mess you up with these hands.

Making you up would be my preference. I have plenty of good things to offer you in that since, making you up that is. I would first start by creating a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. So that when you enter the salon, comfort would exude.

I would then seat you, and start a wonderful experience and the appropriate nail care that you would need. Since each client has different needs, I would advise you on any necessary steps to be taken at home for the upkeep of your service.

This could be anything from exfoliating, to moisturizing, and possibly even applying a topcoat. Although, if it came to me to having to mess you up, I would first make it known that I have studied martial arts thoroughly; and in doing so I have obtained my black belt.

Discipline, self-control, and respect are just some of the things that I’ve learned in studying; but ultimately my knowledge in self-defense and Tae Kwon Do would come forth. There are many ways to prove this point such as a back fist, a knife hand strike, a front punch with a fist, or even a spear hand strike.

Not to mention, all the different powerful kicks that go along with the hand motions. Which simply means, this wouldn’t be a pleasant outcome for you. Initially I would bow before sparring to display my abilities. So, I’m  giving you the option to either have pretty hands or feel the wrath of my hands.

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